Trusted and Secure

Deskdragon protects your data.

Secure by Design

Ubiquitous HTTPS encryption

Automated security updates

Hosted securely in the EU. Our datacentres and off-site backups reside in Frankfurt, Germany. Datacentres have 24/7 physical security guard presence and a full range of industry-leading security measures. Read More

Your card and payment details are handled by our PCI Level 1 Certified partner, Stripe. Read More

We've Stood the Test of Time

Deskdragon is brand new, but our business is not. Founded in 2015, we are also the creators of Fishbowl Meetings and Pangolio. We are trusted by hundreds of companies in more than 50 countries worldwide. Our clients include the UN, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn, Decathlon, Travelex, and Toyota.

Regulatory Compliance

We adhere to the EU’s GDPR, as well as the POPI Act of South Africa. For further details, please refer to our Privacy Policy

No spam, no adverts, and your data will never be sold

We Don't Outsource Support

If you reach out with a problem or a suggestion, you will always receive a reply from one of the two founders of Deskdragon.

We Access Only What We Need

We don't require unneeded permissions. We only retrieve your name and email address when you sign in with G Suite or Microsoft 365, and we do this using OpenID. This means that we don't need to store offline access tokens. As an additional benefit, this also disincentivizes cybercriminals from targeting Deskdragon because our database has hardly any value.

No Trackers

Have you noticed the lack of a cookie banner? We don't track you or use any 3rd party advertising or analytics services. We only use cookies once you log in, and only as part of our core service (please see our Privacy Policy). Of course, if you found us via Google, they may have tracked your visit separately.

Refunds are Easy

Did you forget to cancel your subscription? Many subscription products make it really difficult to get a refund. Not only do we make it easy, but we even allow you to refund yourself. Just a single click - no questions asked, and no awkward phonecalls.