Deskdragon Features

Easy to set up, easy to book

Features for Employees

It's simple to book a desk. Select the start and duration, then select an available desk from an intuitive floorplan.

Floorplans also help to remind you where you can find your desk on the day of your booking.

Features for Office Managers

Create and manage multiple buildings and floors. Change the order of buildings and floors by dragging them up and down.

Quickly create your desks with custom naming and numbering.

Link your desks with floorplans that give more context to the location of desks. Deskdragon's enhanced floorplans make it easy for your colleagues to find their desks.

To make things even easier, we'll draw one floorplan for all new paid plans at no additional cost. You just need to provide us with a PDF (or similar) with your desk labels clearly indicated.

Enforce capacity limits on a floor or building level. Desk bookings are only allowed if capacities are safely within limits.

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