COVID-19: Return Safely

Deskdragon can help you to safely manage your reopening

Disable Desks

Disable desks to enforce physical distancing. You can also quickly disable desks that need to be sanitized, or disable entire floors with Deskdragon bulk-actions.


Capacity Limits NEW

Enforce capacity limits on a floor or building level. Desk bookings are only allowed if capacities are safely within limits.

Health Questionnaires NEW

Set up automated daily symptom questionnaires. Set up restrictions that prevent employees from booking if certain health criteria are not met. All questionnaires are logged and timestamped to make compliance a breeze.

Log Work-From-Home Employees COMING SOON

Require all employees to log their daily locations. This makes it easier to keep track of office attendance, as well as tracking-and-tracing should an incident occur.

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